Alleged Parties

Every student, faculty and staff member has the right to expect a learning and working environment that is safe, fair, and balanced. In an effort to support all individuals during the Administrative Student Conduct Process, campus services and resources for accused include counseling, health, mental health, and assistance to change academic, transportation, and working situations as needed.South Texas College strives to be fair in the handling of student conduct cases including allegations of sexual misconduct. These procedures are explained in the South Texas College Student Code of Conduct. Questions concerning these procedures can be addressed to the Office of Student Conduct, the Dean of Student Support Services (Deputy Title IX Coordinator), or the Title IX Coordinator.

No-Contact Directives (Issued by South Texas College)

South Texas College is authorized to issue a No-Contact Directive prohibiting contact between members of the campus community when there exists a reasonable concern that physical or psychological harm may result from such contact.

Information for Friends and Supporters of the Respondent

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