Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a specialized one-on-one process that helps clients optimize the way they engage in their interpersonal disputes. The CINERGY® model of conflict management integrates executive coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles.Conflict Coaching is a dynamic seven stage process that is specifically designed to help clients improve their conflict management skills and abilities according to each person’s individual and specific goals.

In workplaces, CINERGY conflict management coaching helps to reduce the high cost of conflict. It is a process that supports an organizational culture that values effective conflict management as a core proficiency, by assisting leaders and other members of the South Texas College community to:

  • resolve their interpersonal disputes independently and as close to the source, as possible
  • prepare for challenging conversations
  • prevent unnecessary conflict from escalating
  • shift unproductive conflict reactions, to constructive responses
  • manage their adverse reactions to conflict

Conflict management coaching may be used in other contexts, such as to assist clients with interpersonal conflict in their personal lives. Whether for personal or professional reasons, this form of coaching also assists people to participate in mediation, negotiations and other Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

For more information on our one-on-one coaching, contact the Department of Student Rights and Responsibilities and ask to speak to one of our highly trained Ombudsman about the CINERGY Coaching model.

CINERGY® Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment tools are helpful ways to examine ourselves and gain an awareness about different aspects of how we ‘show up’ in our personal and professional lives. Whether you are a conflict management coach or client, here are three tools to consider:

  • Conflict Intelligence Self-Assessment
  • Conflict Management Coaching Readiness Index
  • Conflict Resilience Quotient

Conflict Intelligence Self-Assessment

Knowing and understanding how we engage in conflict is crucial to our journey to developing mastery in this area of life. The increasing awareness that comes as we become more and more masterful will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our lives, our relationships and our work. This Conflict Intelligence Self-Assessment will help you to consider your current level of conflict intelligence. Download the self-assessment

Conflict Management Coaching Readiness Index

Conflict management coaching is a specialized process aimed at helping individuals enhance the ways they manage and engage in conflict. Coaching requires a commitment of time and energy, and before beginning, it helps to check your level of readiness. This index may be used for doing so. Download the self-assessment

Conflict Resilience Quotient

Something that happens to many of us in the aftermath of interpersonal conflict is a tendency to agonize about what happened. We may criticize ourselves – wishing we had said something else or differently. We may blame the other person and not let go of our feelings about him or her. We may continue to ruminate about unresolved hurts and issues. We may make the situation bigger than it was, or try to minimize it while still experiencing a huge impact that we try to suppress. This questionnaire looks at some variables to consider about your conflict resilience. Download the self-assessment