Facilitated Dialogue

Facilitated Dialogue is an alternative dispute resolution process that facilitates listening and collaboration for a group or gathering of people in a manner that increases understanding and empathy. This results in the emergence of new and creative ideas and possibilities that can empower individuals and groups to take positive action on important or difficult issues.

This process may benefit both small and large groups that are brought together for a facilitated discussion either before a conflict arises or during the actual conflict. The facilitated discussion can be organized to address particular issues or problems that are important to the participants.

Steps in the Facilitated Discussion Process

  • Communication About the issues
  • Identify interest
  • Generate Options
  • Evaluate Options
  • Develop A Plan
    • Implementation of the plan
    • Evaluation
    • Modifications to the plan

Practical Applications for Facilitated Dialogue

  • Strategic Planning
  • Club (or Multi-Club) Calendar and Event Planning

For more information about how a facilitated discussion/ facilitated dialogue works, or how it can benefit your club or group, contact the Department of Student Rights and Responsibilities and ask to speak to one of our highly trained Ombudsman about the mediation process and the benefits of mediation.