Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at South Texas College (SGA@STC) is the representative organization for the student body at South Texas College.

Student Government Association

The SGA@STC provides a forum for free and open discussion of matters affecting students at South Texas College and promotes the general welfare of the student body by serving as an advocate for student issues and presenting the student perspective to campus administration, faculty and college committees.

Student Government has been charged with improving campus life through the creation of viable and effective student services and Increase student decision making power. SGA has worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission and is always on the lookout to create a better campus for future students.

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These are some of the current proposals and projects SGA has taken the lead on:

  • sgamidIncreased the number of handicap parking spaces in all campuses
  • Assisted with the creation of a Veterans (military service men/women) window at the Financial Aid Office
  • Spearheaded the no smoking issue on all campuses (still on progress)
  • Worked along side college administrators to facilitate access to buildings for ADA students
  • Travel each year to Austin for College Community Day to meet state legislators and discuss issues pertaining to students affairs

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