Why do we need a BIT?

Legal agencies and research gathered from institutional tragedies strongly support that educational institutions must address campus safety in a much more unified, planned, and proactive manner than ever before.   It is no longer acceptable for higher education institutions to not have a centralized campus team and system to help identify individuals in distress early, and connect these individuals with appropriate resources and provide follow-up care.

The BIT coordinates STC’s resources to address the needs of individuals who are experiencing significant behavioral disturbances in order to recommend collaborative and purposeful interventions.  The BIT seeks to do away with the “information silos” that exist on campus by sharing information, which allows us to reach individuals who are in distress much sooner.

The mission of the BIT is to assess circumstances, enhance communication, and initiate appropriate responses to specific behavioral problems of students and employees that pose a potential threat to the safety and security of the College community.

The BIT meets frequently to review and assess behaviors of concern.  The team will also meet as needed in emergency situations requiring immediate response.