Behavioral Intervention Team Membership

Paul Hernandez, Chair
Dean of Student Affairs

Karey Barnes, Co-Chair
Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Pecan Campus

George McCaleb
Director, Facilities Operations and Maintenance
Pecan Campus

Farrin McMillan
Faculty, Criminal Justice Department
Mid-Valley Campus

Santa Peña
Director of Counseling and ADA Services
Pecan Campus

Diana Hernandez
Faculty, Physical Therapy
Nursing Allied Health Campus

Laura Requena
Assistant Director, Human Resources
Human Resources Department

Elizabeth Trevino
Department of Public Safety

Rebecca De Leon
Dean for DCP and SD Partnerships

BIT Team Student Services Case Managers

Maria Alonso, Alternate Co-Chair
Coordination of Judicial Affairs/Ombudsperson

Josue De La Cruz
Student Conduct Specialist/Ombudsperson
BIT and Judicial Affairs Case Manager