Information on Student Conduct and C.A.R.E. Team Progress Evaluations

Please take note that the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities has an Educational Need To Know the information that is requested on the Electronic Progress Evaluation Form. The information may be requested from college employees (Faculty and Staff) if you are listed as one of the students instructors in BANNER or it is believed the student has conducted business in your area, or that you have knowledge of the students behavior on campus. It is imperative that you complete the Progress Evaluation so that we are able to evaluate the student in a timely and thorough manner as quickly as possible.South Texas College endeavors to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, employees and visitors. When an individual exhibits behavior that is overly aggressive or threatening to others, is found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct, or is being monitored by the South Texas College C.A.R.E. Team it may become necessary to gather information that will shed light on the students behavior, their in class progress and their individual need for additional assistance and services.

It may become necessary to reach out to individual members of the College (Faculty and Staff) in an effort to collect enough information to make an informed and reasonable evaluation of the student, their progress, and to what extent the student may or may not pose a threat to the campus community.

Individual members of the College (Faculty and Staff) may receive an email correspondence requesting with an attached memo that will include a link they are able to click on to access the electronic progress evaluation form.

– Sample Progress Evaluation Email –

You have been carbon copied on a letter for case 20__-____-__ (Johnny Test).

Please review the PDF attachment and retain a copy for your files. If you encounter difficulty opening this file, please contact our office.

– Sample Progress Evaluation Memo –

The progress evaluation is a simple and straight forward process designed to gather information that may be key in providing the necessary assistance the student needs or preventing a critical incident from occurring on one of our campuses.

Click to review a sample Progress Evaluation Memo

Click to review a sample Progress Evaluation

Click to review a sample of a Completed Progress Evaluation Memo


Progress Evaluations should be completed in a timely manner, to ensure that the student is monitored and evaluated fully. Also, receiving a progress evaluation should not be misunderstood to mean that the student had filed a complaint or that the employee (Faculty and Staff) has done something wrong or violated a policy in any way.

For further information or if additional clarification is needed please contact us at:

Building K2.1106
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